Anthony Cavaleri


Anthony R. Cavaleri, MPA, MSW is a graduate of the Columbia School of Social Work and the Law Program from Columbia Law School. Earlier in his career, he attended Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. As a result of his unique education and professional experience, Anthony seeks to explore today’s complex public health challenges, along with the  political, legal, and economic forces that shape health care systems. In 2010, he became the Founder of HUGS, creating the non-profit organization to reach out to the elderly and underserved communities. Anthony's passion for the area of Elder Care Advocacy matched with his love of New York has helped HUGS USA become a national calling. Supporters strive to give back by equipping underserved New Yorkers with "HUGS," the clothing they need to stay warm and healthy during the long and blistery Northeast winters.


Dr. Ellyn Gamberg | Psychologist, Geriatric Scholar, Founder of Elder Blue Solutions, Inc.  
Flora Schnall | Lawyer
Susan Cole | Isaac H. Tuttle Fund
Michael Imperioli | Actor, Sopranos
Anisa Costa | Chief Sustainability Officer, Tiffany and Co. & Chairman and President, Tiffany & Co. Foundation
Laurie Goodman | Author & Founder, Laurie Goodman Photography
Buddy Tricarick | Musician & Former Drummer for Award-winning Bluegrass Band, Skeeter Creek
Katy Noakes | Community Partner


Through their passion for our mission and their original HUGS initiatives,
these individuals have become cherished members of our team.
Renee Panetta
Donna Colbert McMullen
Laurie Goodman